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48"x 66"

oil on board

John Schieffer

Why do artists create the things they do? Not too many ask why an artist paints a landscape or flowers or a beautiful person, but what would be the purpose of painting something mundane or not ideal beauty? For my own work I choose to paint those things that I think should be given a second glance. Things that are beautiful when you shine a light on them. Each painting has its own life and meaning. That meaning for the artist is not going to be the same for the viewer as we are all different people. How I feel about a painting I have created changes over time. The reason I started it is always the same. To make something beautiful where there was nothing before. To share with others the way I see the world. The specific meaning of each piece is a personal journey not easily put into words, but that is why I am a painter and not a writer.

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